Design & Build

The success of any HVAC system is contingent on its design and build phase—where a vision is truly brought to life. Here at Johnston Co., we take pride in our work and the unmatched level of service we offer in each design and build process. Experience what a commitment to quality can make, and start your design & build phase with us today.

Innovative Design

During the design phase, industry experts come together to identify solutions in which a set of demands may be met. From the layout of a system to its components and composition, each aspect is crucial and must be carefully considered to achieve an overall feasible and successful design. Using the latest software, Johnson Co. specializes in designing commercial HVAC systems, ensuring functionality and effectiveness throughout the build process and beyond.

Quality Craftsmanship

Setting the plan into action is the building phase. With a purpose to maintain healthy air quality, HVAC systems are an extremely important component of any building, and therefore must meet the highest safety and health standards. Johnston Co. precisely constructs systems according to their design to achieve an HVAC solution that not only meets standards, but defies them, providing an efficient, durable solution for a variety of industries.

Get Started

When you choose Johnston Co., you’re not only choosing the leading HVAC provider, but also a trusted company whose dedication to quality and superior customer service has earned a prized reputation. Get started with us today and discover how we can enhance your Texas or New Mexico business with industrial and commercial solutions.