Johnston Co. is proud to provide businesses of all industries with industrial and commercial system solutions. The overall functionality of a facility is contingent on its ventilation system, with air quality affecting the health and safety of both workers and guests. Whether to develop a new system or maintain a current one, we guide our clients in selecting the best products and services possible so that they can effectively enhance their business.

Together, with our network of manufacturers, we take existing brand products to the next level. Following a unique manufacturing process of design, prototyping, and implementation, we assess each aspect and in what ways it can be improved. Then, we get to work furthering the quality, longevity, and efficiency of each product. From HVAC filters and air products to laboratory exhaust systems and beyond, improve your business with trusted solutions from Johnston Co.!

Product List

Air Handlers

Air Blenders

Air Valves

Boilers / Water Heaters

Boiler Room Accessories


Particle Counters


Laboratory & Room Pressure

Dust Collection & Filtration


HVAC Filtration

Heat Exchangers

OR Systems

Pre-Insulated Pipe

UVC Solutions

Vibration Isolation & Restraint Systems